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“Happy Fathers Day”

Once again in the spirit of the holiday + I’m not doing any work on the dollhouse . I thought about posting a poem for Dad’s day + but that seems forced and awkward + like Mother’s Day I’d rather just speak on what I know.  My dad is the gentle giant + he is a man of few words but when he speaks you pay attention.  As an only child I was spoiled in the way of attention + I didn’t have to fight for affection + it was always there.  Growing up his mannerisms were methodical + intentional + and always caring.  I could sit with my Dad for hours without saying a word + and I still felt that was much more than meaningless conversation + it was his presence + if he was around I always felt safe and sure of myself + always my protector + and always giving even as I approach 50 + all he wants to do is give of himself + as I type this my eyes well up because I know that our bond is special.  I love my dad + and not just on this day but everyday + because everyday I get closer + and everyday I love him more.

To all the “Dads” — Happy Fathers Day + and may you know the happiness and joy you bring to those around you. — The Dollplace Project (Wyetha)


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