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“Happy Mothers Day”

This weekend I decided not to do any work, or build, or make anything in honor of Mothers Day.  While my mothering is not over but has shifted since my daughter is 25, the role doesn’t change. + I think of where I would be in this world without my parents but especially my Mom. + My Mom has helped me more than she will ever realize, in her patience, and wisdom, and constant support. + Motherhood can be one of those thank-less jobs but it’s the most challenging, frustrating, rewarding jobs of your life. + I think back to what I sacrificed being a single-parent to my daughter which doesn’t even hold a candle to my Mom. + The days of working as a hotel housekeeper, and making sure Sunday dinners were always a constant. + I didn’t get everything I wanted but I got what I needed. + I don’t have any siblings so my friends would call me spoiled, I just say I was loved, because me and my Mom had a special type of relationship. + There were times when I tried her patience and she drove me crazy once I hit my teens. + There was a time and space where I just didn’t understand her logic, and we argued all of the time, I was feeling my britches (as older folks would say). + I knew that I wasn’t grown, but old enough to know what I wanted, but that just wouldn’t fly with my Mom (she really wasn’t having it).  + Not strict but to the point…I didn’t understand then, like I know now. + Mother-daughter relationships are special and no matter the circumstances you only get one Mom, and I love mine dearly. + So to all the Mothers today, and all that you do, we may not always know how to express it but just know that you are loved, respected and appreciated….I would like wish everyone a Happy Mothers Day. — Wyetha


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